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asics ⋯ She Breathes

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asics ⋯ She Breathes

Women are twice as likely to suffer from extreme stress than men. So the film contrasts the shortness of breath in those stressed moments versus the controlled, rhythmic breaths of a workout.

The film highlights the importance of women taking control of their mental health. When you take time to exercise, you finally catch your breath.

Getting all of the breaths right was key here, so we recorded them all live with multiple different people in the studio, experimenting until they matched the characters perfectly. We wove these into the sound design and different atmospheres for each scene, then added a bespoke ambient score to tie the sections of the film together.

We worked on the sound design and original ambient music track in collaboration with THE HOGAN for CP+B.

Director: Amy Becker-Burnett

Sound Design and Mix - James Lyme