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  • We are creative producers, music supervisors and music rights experts
  • We are project managers, fixers and problem solvers
  • We are careful listeners, straight talkers and strong collaborators
  • We are passionate about finding and producing the best music and sound solutions for your film
  • We are ThirtyTwo — a Creative Agency for Music and Sound


Thirty Two have helped me with existing and bespoke music. Their ability to track down the relevant artists, negotiate and offer alternatives has always astounded me at the quality and speed this has been done - securing a track with these guys is a breeze! I have found they're great to talk to at the early stages of a project, where they approach the brief openly and in great detail, discussing all possible options and ensuring everything has been considered so tight budgets and timelines are always met, with great results

Hannah Lane - Producer - Gh05t / freelance

These guys are incredibly experienced, knowledgeable and helpful. What makes Thirty Two stand out for me is their ability to respond quickly to any level of query and work with all scales of budgets which can often be a challenge! There are many projects that wouldn't have been a success without Toby and his team - they truly offer a wonderful service and are great to work with.

Melissa Beeson - Head of Production Affairs - Grey London

These guys are my go to for all things music. Their advice is always valuable at the early stages of a production. They take away the pain of finding and clearing commercial tracks, and bring an exciting creativity to composition jobs. I'm always happy to hand them over to creative teams.

Mays Al-Ali - Executive Producer - (now nutritionist, yoga instructor and wellness expert)

The Thirty Two team became an integral part of the production crew for our live music programming during the festival season. Handling all record label and artist / management permissions they smoothly and professionally completed a huge amount of work under tight time constraints as well as closing a few really tough negotiations.

Christine Cowin - Head of Content - Previously Blink TV, now exec feature producer

We needed a partner who would get behind our ambition for the idea, find and secure the right (famous) artist and terms, but most importantly help us navigate the challenges of working with the music industry.  Thirty Two skillfully kept things on course, calmly solving the challenges along the way, and created an environment where the artist and their label got behind the idea to a level way beyond the terms of the contract. These guys are good, work with them.

Henry Chilcott – Managing Director – Antidote (Currently Chief Brand Officer at Formula E Holdings)

Thirty Two are a great creative resource. I’ve worked with Alex for several years on composition and licensing jobs and they work to picture quickly and efficiently. Highly recommended.

Pat Cannon - Lead Creative – Previously Sapient Nitro and Digitas, now Cannon and Imaginary Sons.

Thirty Two have helped my team with numerous campaign films for partners such as The ONE Campaign, Unicef and The Global Goals to name a few. Despite our tight timelines and lack of budget they have consistently delivered with professionalism and very good grace. They are brilliant. And we are grateful, always.

Richard Curtis - Writer, Director, Campaigner.

Working with Toby is always a great pleasure. From the get go him and his team are able to take a brief and run with it, always coming up with a variety of ideas to suit. Their knowledge of the music industry is second to none and they are always able to accommodate tough budgets and timelines without compromising on creativity. Having them involved from the off on several projects has been a huge help to me, providing guidance on everything music related.

I always enjoy working with Thirty Two and it helps massively that they are all really lovely!

Ellie Gibb - TV Producer

Some of our lovely clients