Will the abandoned cities of future Earth become overgrown with giant, radiation resistant plant species as their former inhabitants flee to the stars in search of a new home ?

This mix is a textured ambient dystopia with a distinct nature theme.

1. A message from Sir David Attenborough
2. SLV ‘Sky One’
3. Toma Kami ‘Rivershells’
4. Decha ‘Nonja’
5. Delta Rain Dance ‘Transmission Ten’
6. Johanna Bramli ‘Tales from a bargain bin’
7. Mac-Talla Nan Creag ‘Derdriu’s Vision’
8. BELP ‘Lurk’
9. Brother Nebula ‘Double Helix’
10. Oliver Ho ‘Male’
11. Diplodok ‘Seed’
12. Leon Vynehall ‘Who loved before’
13. Cosmin TRG ‘Insoucient Change Agent’
14. Cosmin TRG ‘Furthermore’
15. Delta Rain Dance ‘Transmission Two’
16. Jaali ‘Temple of time’