- For complete sound services please visit our VIRTUAL STUDIO  -


There's so much more to sound than just recorded music.

Whether you need location recordings, live performances, interactive installations, audio cleanup, scratch mixes, VO castings, foley/sfx, broadcast mixes, radio playout, library music searches - or anything else you can think of - we have you covered.

We've recorded live rugby crowds for BMW, produced choirs on location for Post Office, cleaned up audio for NHS ads, recorded sfx for many branded content, corporate and other short films, programmed installations for music festivals and executed countless other sound services for our clients.

We are also professional music producers and editors. If you want to quickly cut music to picture or present a basic mix with scratch VO + FX to your client without going into full audio post production facilities, give us a call. We can do all that stuff quickly and more cost effectively in our Virtual Studio production office.