The legal side of synchronisation is a key area of our expertise. We have many years experience negotiating and executing music  licences and artist agreements in the context of audio visual production and all other brand related activities.

We are fully insured and work with some of the best IP, media and entertainment lawyers and musicologists in the business, if they are needed... which they very rarely are.

We take pride in anticipating and avoiding all the potential pitfalls of music rights management in multimedia, while negotiating favourable deals for all parties.

Consulting on, and executing, all aspects of music licensing is a fundamental part of our client service throughout the creative process. We have negotiated and executed global licences for brands including BMW, M+S, Easyjet, Lexus, Nokia, Nike, Mercedes, Playstation, XBox, Electronic Arts, All Saints, Rankin and too many others to mention.

We are very happy provide independent consultation on music licensing and rights management even if we are not involved in creative production on a job so give us a call if you ever need advice, usage quotes, or a discrete rescue from a difficult situation.