We believe the most important things in the often fickle world of music research are flexibility, resourcefulness and patience.

Our resources stretch far and wide. As well as close contacts at all major and most independent record labels and publishers we also have specialist music researchers working on a project by project basis so no stone is left unturned.

We carry out completely independent music research. By remaining unaffiliated to any music catalogues we can truly prioritise the creative process and ensure that the only tracks you receive are the right ones for the film.

We also work closely with all (decent) production music libraries and have in-depth knowledge of their catalogues so we can take away the pain of trawling through 100's of awful tracks to find something that can stand out and hold its own against commercial copyrights.

We have found (and licensed) commercial music for Lexus, EasyJet, BMW, Nokia, Virgin Media, O2, Guinness, Nike, Mercedes, NFL, VW, Vodafone, Post Office... (blah blah)

...and unsigned / pre-cleared / library tracks for Nike, Ford, Tom Ford, EA Sports, Sky, State Farm, Diageo, Qatar Airways, Maybelline and 100's more