Thirty Two is a network of creative music and media professionals, distributed globally, procured and managed from our London production hub.


Together we conceive, design, create and find music and sound for advertising, TV and Film.

Our expertise range from creative research, music production, project management and legal / rights management to brand partnerships, musicology and sound services (via our sister company Virtual Sound). We work closely with our clients – both production and creative - at all stages of a project to ensure they are getting the most out of music and sound.

So…. if you need to create, find, license or do anything at all with music and sound in any context, give us a call. We will be able to help you identify the most effective and creative solution your budget will allow.

Creating or choosing music for a film is not just a talent but a multifaceted skill, developed over years learning how to interpret and balance the visions of director, brand, agency, producer... It can be almost as political as it is creative…

What We Say

…but in today’s media landscape there is much more to it. ‘Future’ media, technological developments, tie-ins and brand partnerships, trend spotting, rights management...being aware of the bigger picture will add creative and commercial value to any project.

Bringing together the music industry and the creative production industries enables brands / filmmakers to truly maximise the potential of music and sound, and creatives / directors to uncover a wider scope of possibilities for their ideas.

We get this. It is what we do.

We activate our network, picking the best music professionals from our extensive black book of producers, researchers, musicians, engineers, vocalists, labels, publishers, artist managers... guiding and producing them to deliver the right creative for your project.

How We Work

Like everyone, we can be reactive to an existing brief and to a short deadline, but we prefer to be proactive.

Our strength is in helping you to develop your music brief at the early stages and seeing it through to completion, whatever twists and turns may happen along the way….

We're independent! As a creative music agency we value our independence above all else. It enables us to work without restrictions and gives our clients confidence that we are prioritising the creative and not our own musicians, catalogues or other interests. We don't represent labels or publishers and we don't have in-house composers so we are free to put together the best people and playlists for YOUR project.