Thirty Two is a network of creative music and media professionals procured and managed by Toby Slade-Baker and Alex Lodge from the London and Barcelona production offices.


Together we conceive, design, create and find music and sound for advertising, TV and Film.

Our expertise range from creative research, music production, project management and legal / rights management to music / brand trend analysis, musicology and sound services. We work closely with our clients – both production and creative - at all stages of a project to ensure they are getting the most out of music and sound.

So…. if you need to create, find, license or manipulate music / sound in any context, give us a call. We will be able to help you identify the most effective and creative solution your budget will allow.

Creating or choosing music for a film is not just a talent but a multifaceted skill, developed over years learning how to interpret and balance the visions of director, brand, agency, producer... It can be almost as political as it is creative…

What We Say

…but in today’s media landscape there is much more to it. ‘Future’ media, technological developments, tie-ins and brand partnerships, trend spotting, rights management...being aware of the bigger picture will add creative and commercial value to any project.

Bringing together the music industry and the creative production industries enables brands / filmmakers to truly maximise the potential of music and sound, and creatives / directors to uncover a wider scope of possibilities for their ideas.

We get this. It is what we do.

Like everyone, we can be reactive to an existing brief and to a short deadline, but we prefer to be proactive.

How We Work

Our strength is in helping you to develop your music brief at the early stages and seeing it through to completion, whatever twists and turns may happen along the way….

We're independent! As a creative music agency we value our independence above all else. It enables us to work without restrictions and gives our clients confidence that we are prioritising their creative and not our own musicians, catalogues or other interests. We don't represent labels or publishers and we don't have in-house composers so we are free to put together the best people and playlists for YOUR project.


Toby Slade-Baker

Toby Slade-Baker

Founder / Director

Twitter @tobystudio32
LinkedIn toby-slade-baker

Thirty Two was started by an advertising baby; the son of an award winning creative director (Euro (RSCG)) and a young head of TV (DMB&B) who met in London in 1974, Toby literally grew up in the industry and speaks its language. Having also become a musician and music producer he was destined to bring the two disciplines together in his own work.

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Toby started out as a DJ and club promoter in ‘96 and was eventually picked up by the Big Beat Boutique where he was resident DJ and promotion / production manager at all of Fatboy Slim’s UK residencies playing alongside XPress2, Arthur Baker, Radio Slave, Tim Love Lee, blah blah and having day to day responsibility for running and promoting the events.

A chance encounter introduced Toby to music supervision and a move back up to London to work as a music consultant for UK broadcasters, advertising agencies and post houses. After 5 years in creative services for production music and commercial publishers Toby moved full time into independent music supervision and now has nearly 15 years experience creating, researching and licensing music for advertising, TV and film. From 2008 to 2012 Toby was Head of Production at Felt Music before going it alone with Studio 32 / Thirty Two Music. Toby oversees all aspects of production and is an expert at finding creative solutions both in music production and music rights management.

Toby has procured and successfully completed composition, sound design, research and rights management projects for most London agencies on brands including Nike, Nokia, Mercedes, Playstation, Easyjet, Persil, Lexus, O2, Guinness, McLaren, Post Office, Ford, Dove, Plusnet, Xbox, ESPN and too many others to list.

Alex Lodge

Alex Lodge


Twitter @alexlodgemusic

Alex immersed himself in music from a very young age and went on to achieve a masters in Contemporary Music Studies at Goldsmiths. After cutting his teeth and learning his trade over 7 years at Felt Music, he arrived at Thirty Two with a trail of high-profile placements behind him including Vodafone, Nike, Coke, Sky, Post Office, NFL, Nokia, and many more besides.

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As a creative producer Alex’s strengths are in commercial research and bespoke composition, alongside which he brings a comprehensive understanding of licensing and rights management. He's also a pretty damn good project manager.

Reuben Hurst

Reuben Hurst

Production Manager

Skype ReubenGHurst

Reuben has always been fully immersed in music, whether it be listening to, performing or producing. Assiduously exploring the back catalogues of artists and discovering the lesser-known music of past decades became somewhat of an obsession early on.

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Going on to study a Masters in Sound Art intensified this passion, opened his eyes to the world of sound design and immersive audio, and somehow led him straight into the world of film & TV.

Reuben started out working for award winning composer Ilan Eshkeri (Layer Cake, The Young Victoria, Still Alice) and went on to gain experience in all areas of the industry, assisting in VO recording, sound design… and then production work including music research and licensing / bespoke composition for advertising. He has since branched out into features with a couple of supervision credits to his name and more to follow.

Reuben managed a small audio post house in Soho and a somewhat larger production music catalogue at Felt Music where he also worked closely with composers developing albums for the library. He joins the team well equipped to handle anything you can throw at him in audio production with a specialisation in audio post.

Florence Farley

Florence Farley


Telephone 0203 2903 808

Florence wears several hats. Having many years experience in ad production she knows her way around a budget and the people that spend it. Florence prefers to keep her head down and make sure that things are being done properly at Thirty Two. If you manage to track her down you will find her delightful, but not so much if you're very late paying an invoice.